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100% Natural without Overpaying, prepared by Ancient Ayurvedic Method

Diet Masala - Sehat ka Masala

Diet Masala - India's Leading Brand for Natural Food

DietMasala is a natural food and spices brand built on the idea of Ayurveda and health that delivers natural products at affordable price.

We partner with local farmers who don’t use pesticides or genetically modified seeds.
We ensure all of our products are free from chemicals and additives, so you know your food is organic and healthy.
And of course, everything tastes amazing!

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Eat better, Live healthier,
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Diet Masala - Sehat ka Masala

There are so many things that are fundamentally wrong with the food that we eat in India. We didn’t set out to change the world when we decided to start DietMasala, but we do believe that it’s high time someone did something about the way people eat.

We make our food and spices based on the ancient Ayurvedic method which protect the actual natural nutrients and essential oils Add antioxidant and medicinal value to your food.

Why we are different

Authentically Prepared

Natural foods preserve far more natural vitamins and minerals

Natural Certificated

We don’t use artificial fertilizers or additives in our food

Fast Delivery

Get fast and free home delivery in you near by area in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Trusted Products

Our products are strictly quality controlled and independently verified